Galleries » August 5th 2017 - IBRA VA Finals

Depending on how much dust was kicked up, it effected the color and quality of the image. I did my best to retouch each image. 

Place the images you want on your CD or for your award images in a light box please. If you won an 8x10, create a light box named "VA IBRA 2017 8x10 award", and place the image I am supposed to print in there. Thank you.

If you order a High Res image, we will email you when the High Res is ready to download (usually in 2 days, please do not keep trying to download unless you see the green check mark). FACEBOOK SIZE: After your order, we will email you when your Free Facebook versions are activated (usually 8-10 hours after order has been made). Please do not contact us before 24 hours has past)

  • Event Date:
  • Aug 5, 2017