LineArt by AjS

Welcome to my show, launch, NFT Drop, Super Rare Event, whatever you want to name it, this is my Grand Debut with my very own digital art show. I have 11 Galleries, full of surprises, tiny details that I invite everyone to pay attention to. There will be a quiz at the end of the treasure hunt. You never know when the hunt will begin, and when it begins, the rooms will close for final set up, then re-open for a 24 hour period of the “Treasure Hunt”.

The Show is titled LineArt by AjS. The inspiration came from a shopping trip to the grocery store, and there were folks picketing outside, getting in my way, making my trip to the grocery store all the more annoying. I don’t remember what they were picketing, I really avoid drama, all the more power to them, I hope they get what they want.  But my first thought was to get out a can of silly string and shoot them all with it and cover them in colorful colors, or powder bomb them with sugar powder that was sweet and sour, like you see on that amazing race show, and the contestants come out all different colors, some in laughter, some in tears, …. anyways, I just wanted to get my chores over with, and wished them well on their mission.  That’s it.  No harm intended. I then went inside to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. I patiently waited on the funny foot stickers on the floor, because the drive through curtain is pulled down and apparently the drive through is broken. Go figure,  Big shopping chain like that and they cannot fix the curtain. My turn comes up and I ask the girl what my meds are called, and she asked me to spell them or something, I don’t really remember, and I said something back that must have irritated the pharmacist.  All of a sudden I heard a BOOMing voice screaming at me, verbally assaulting me, and all I could do was put my head down, turn around, and run away, knocking down a small display on my way out of the area. After a few minutes of calming down, I went to the Manager and complained, and he said he would call me with the result of his investigation. After 30 days, I never got a call back, and I did see the manager in the store, but was ignored. I went into the store again, and this time, the cashier was in such a bad mood, she was short with the lady ahead of me, and then the customer service lady was discussing yelling at her dog because she was so frustrated. I heard her complaining about the pharmacy window and proceeded to tell her about my experience. 

Somewhere in this fun story, about my silly string idea, which was just an artist’s “vision” of color splattered all over a situation, she took offence. The sheriff showed up at my door that night. This is the art series that came of those thoughts, silly string of many colors. LineArt by AjS. The Sheriff and I had a giggle, but if it weren’t so serious. I am donating 50% of all profits to Mental Health Education and Art Education. Mass Shootings can be stopped, with education. Through Art we can help the confused to speak and seek help. I will be adding art to the gallery every day right up to the cocktail party December 1st 2022. Enjoy!

LineArt by AjS – 11 GALLERIES with Treasure Hunt 

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